about this site

scaraa is my safe haven. i use this as a place to express myself freely. i like to think that by maintaining a personal site i'm contributing to the "old web" counterculture that has formed on neocities, but i'm not just in it for that. this is an outlet for me, a way for me to be creative, and ultimately a way for me to have fun.

i do my best to make this website accessible and responsive. i'm a novice when it comes to coding and web design so mistakes are inevitable, but i'm putting the effort in at least! this site will look best on desktop. my mobile layouts tend to be fairly simple in nature which i'm trying to work on.

my main browser is firefox, so that's where my live previews are when i'm coding. i'm pretty sure everything functions normally on chrome as well, and the mobile version has been tested on safari. my desktop viewport is 1536px x 711px, with a screen size of 1536px x 864px. the mobile viewport i test on is 428px x 745px, with a screen size of 428px x 926px. the previews on neocities always make everything look scuffed but tbh i don't think that's very rare...

anyways, yeah, i'm pretty much just going to do whatever i want here. there's no limits to what can happen... except for the limits caused by my lack of experience. that will change over time though!