i've been around in kin circles for a while... since i was in my early teens i guess? for me it's more of a psychological thing. idk how to explain it honestly. all my kintypes are a reflection of some aspect of "me" if that makes sense. some more than others. i usually don't talk about this stuff in public spaces but this is a personal site so why not...!

also my kintypes tend to be from like the same few series because of how my adhd is LOL... there's also a lot of them. oops. hell, some of them are even unlisted.

i'm doing my best to only use official art here, including stuff from music videos and all that, so lmk if any of this is fanart.

kagamine len | vocaloid + project sekai

my strongest kintype rn... i feel like i made that a bit too obvious. i kin all the versions of him from project sekai and also allen avadonia from the evillious chronicles. i see myself in 25ji len the most though. i'm most like him irl which is a bit sad to say but... yeah. i'm very shy and i tend to hide behind the few people i'm comfortable around.

kaito | vocaloid + project sekai

honestly, i mostly kin him because of leo/need kaito. he just like me fr. i see myself in mmj kaito and vbs kaito too so they're also on my kinlist. l/n kaito is just the main one.

akiyama mizuki | project sekai

OOGH. they're the first project sekai kintype i discovered. i see myself in them a lot, IDSMILE is incredibly relatable. the reasons range from stuff as small as "i love cute things too!" and "i'm also a chronic absentee" to "i'm trans and kept it a secret for much of my life", "i hide stuff to keep my relationships the same as always", "i try to hold it all in but i break sometimes", etc.

asahina mafuyu | project sekai

SHE'S JUST LIKE ME FR... unfortunately. mostly my irl self though, not my online self. i don't really act similarly to her online at all. irl though... yeah... definitely a cross between her, ichika, and 25ji len. i especially relate to the lack of identity aspect... i struggle with that a lot.

tenma tsukasa | project sekai

if mafuyu is me irl, tsukasa is me online. mostly, anyways. he relates to some irl stuff too. i hold much of my personality back irl, but online i'm more openly "me"... which includes a lot of ego and loud energy. i tend to forget about all the bad stuff that happens to me and find myself disturbed by reminders of it. i push myself too much as well.

hoshino ichika | project sekai

honestly, ichika sums up my irl personality well. comes off as stoic and pretty bad at communication, but actually a nice/good person (according to others anyways).

shinonome akito | project sekai

super newly discovered kintype. i really see myself in the "nice guy persona" aspect of his personality, but also his intense passion and drive. bluntness and gruffness around people he actually knows well... i see that in myself too. i'm not close with a lot of people, so the "nice guy persona" is something i hide behind a lot. especially at work.

wanderer | genshin impact

oop. wanderer is a bit of a doozy ngl. he's very personal and i think anybody who knows his lore would understand why. i'm not much like him personality-wise but i'm okay with that.

thoma | genshin impact

literally the epitome of irl me. like genuinely, fr, 300%, always. i bend over backwards for people at work and will do anything they ask. i don't really stand up for myself much and i'm honestly... really watered down around most people.

tighnari | genshin impact

the academic in me! i love research and have a lot of drive when it comes to schooling. i mean, i'm currently taking a break from college, but it's still my wheelhouse and an environment i'm most comfortable in. i can also be pretty snarky and rude... but never ill-intentioned. i ramble a lot about what interests me. like, i will not stop once i get going.

venti | genshin impact

one of my older kintypes, all things considered. honestly, i'm not much like him at the current moment but he's still part of my identity somehow? i look at him and i see a past version of myself. not sure how else to describe it.

kaedehara kazuha | genshin impact

he's an aspect of me that i don't really explore often, ngl. i see myself in his lore and the way he carries himself, but in most settings i don't necessarily act like him. i use a lot of flowery language when i write formal things though... and i can get rather philosophical or verbose out of nowhere.

yanfei | genshin impact


gorou | genshin impact


sirin | honkai impact 3rd


elysia | honkai impact 3rd


pardofelis | honkai impact 3rd


vill-v | honkai impact 3rd


delta | honkai impact 3rd


lyle collodi | honkai impact 3rd


cater diamond | twisted wonderland


ruggie bucchi | twisted wonderland


kalim al-asim | twisted wonderland


idia shroud | twisted wonderland


sanji | one piece


uta | one piece


yamato | one piece


nemesis | tower of fantasy


ruby | tower of fantasy