I am sick and I am dull And I am plain. How dearly I'd love to get carried away. Oh, but dreams have a knack of just not coming true... ♫

scara. adult. he/him pronouns. binary trans man. gay angled aroace. neurodivergent, chronically ill, blah blah blah. king of severe adhd. aries sun, leo moon, leo rising. ENTP [NeTi]. 3w4 [379] sp/so. ILE-Ne. S|L|oaI. melancholic-sanguine. FLEV [3332]. EN. idk any more typology don't @ me

about the webmaster...

hi! my name is scara. this page is pretty bare and it'll stay like that for a bit... i'll have the energy to add fun stuff eventually. y'know, like personality quiz results and all that.

i'm kinda bad at writing bios because the way i perceive Me changes based on the day. like most people, my personality shifts a lot based on who i'm around, so i'm not really sure which Me is worth talking about here. i guess i can just go with how my friends describe me.

the way i act irl is very different from how i am online. i think that the online Me is my true self. if you know who tsukasa tenma is, i'm sorta like that. loud, extroverted, proud, a bit self-absorbed, and prone to ignoring/forgetting the bad things that happen to me... without realizing it until somebody points it out. that's the only reason why i know i'm forgetful in the first place.i talk about myself a lot... i don't mean to, it just happens! i have to consciously rein it in. other characters i've been compared to are kalim al-asim, ruggie bucchi, and cater diamond from twisted wonderland, as well as akito shinonome from project sekai.

irl i'm super quiet and reserved. i have resting bitch face to the max and i don't approach anyone--i'm too scared to. i hide behind the few people that i trust and get attached to them. think 25-ji kagamine len, i'm like that. i'm honestly just super shy which is a far cry from how i am on the internet. i'm more comfortable here...

i'm a perfectionist and a hard worker. i give everything my all and will accept nothing less than my best. i also have a really bad swearing problem. idk anyone who casually swears as much as i do.

i'm pretty new to coding/web design and i'm 100% self-taught. i'm still learning about a lot of things so this site is more experimental than anything else. i picked up this hobby when i first made this neocities account so yeah. october 2022 pretty much. alongside coding i like to collect things, listen to music, and play video games.

i'll add more to this later i'm really tired LOL...