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welcome to my site! ♡

hi! my name is scara. i'm currently overhauling this entire site so it's pretty empty. it takes me quite a bit of time to code so i wouldn't expect super fast updates. orz ... since i don't have a complete about me page up yet, here's some quick info:

  • i'm an adult and a binary trans man. my pronouns are strictly he/him.
  • i made this site because i wanted a creative outlet that i can use to express myself without shame. i like to create things and put shit together so this is perfect for me. i learn as i go so mistakes are inevitable. some stuff might be clunky.
  • i'm very new to html, css, and javascript (all things considered, anyways). as of coding this page, i've been learning for about three months.
  • my sexuality is kinda complicated... :[ i usually just call myself gay irl but my actual identity is gay angled aroace. on the aroace spectrum i'm somewhere along the lines of gray aroace and aroace flux. i get a bit embarrassed describing my sexuality in full but this is my personal site so whatever.
  • i have rly severe adhd and probably autism YIPPEE

major updates:

january 19th, 2023:

  • added "about me" page. it's very bare rn, i'll add to it soon.

january 17th, 2023:

  • added music player to homepage... just one song though.

january 15th, 2023:

  • added journal! bit of a messier vibe i think, but very nostalgic for me. i enjoy it.
  • moved music player to journal page.

january 13th, 2023:

  • added "about site" page.
  • added kinlist.

january 12th, 2023:

  • COMPLETE change in index page layout (made sure it works on mobile and desktop).
  • scrapped/sidelined old pages for now...
  • added music player.
  • added mobile-responsive navbar.
  • added chatbox.
  • added button.

to-do list:

  • high priority: links; tweak the layout of homepage; finish about me page
  • medium priority: shrines; add to about me page
  • low priority: web treasures; music favorites; finish deets on kinlist
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